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Super Jet Filter ES-1200 is a canister filtration system for aquariums from W90xD45xH60(cm) to W120xD45xH60(cm). ES-1200EX and ES-1200EX2 hold a larger volume of filtration media, and they are suitable for handling heavy filtration. ES-1200EX with 1.5 Times, and ES-1200EX2 with almost twice the capacity of standard ES-1200.

*For freshwater aquarium use only.

* A bag of Bio Rio M or Bio Rio L is included in all filtration systems of the Super Jet Filter series, except ES-150,ES-300 and the standard type ES-600. Their pebble sizes are larger than commercially available regular Bio Rio.

Filtration media /
1. ES-1200 Bio Rio M 8L (supplied in net)
2. ES-1200EX Bio Rio M 13L (supplied in net)
3. ES-1200EX2 Bio Rio L 18L (supplied in net)

Common Specification
Flow Rate 16L/min (50Hz) ・ 19L/min (60Hz)
Maximum Pump Head 2.4m (50Hz) ・ 3.4m (60Hz)

Voltage /
AC100V 50/60Hz

Standard Accessories /
Lily Pipe P-6 (Ø13) , New Lily Pipe V-7 (Ø17)
Clear Hose Ø17 (15 / 20mm)
Clear Hose Ø13 (12 / 16mm)
Hose Band Ø16 × 2

No. Article Code Item Size Capacity
1 105-1011 ES-1200 Ø220×H510mm 12L
2 105-1014 ES-1200EX Ø220×H705mm 18L
3 105-1017 ES-1200EX2 Ø220×H895mm 24L

Post-Order Items. Duration of production / Approx. 4 to 8 Weeks


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