Fishy Business have started from a small humble online store, established in 2011, catering to local hobbyists with products, knowledge and assistance in regards to aquascaping.

Over the years, Fishy Business have gained reputation through our passion and love for aquascaping. Participating in global aquascaping competition and events so as to keep up with moving trend. Sharing our love with like-minded people have also grow the hobby in Singapore!

As of today, we have been granted sole distributionship of ADA ( Aqua Design Amano ) in charging of local supplies of ADA goods and products to many local aquarium shops. We have extended our business to distribution/wholesale direction. Retailing and locally and also online.

We now have a nice showroom & gallery equipped with full ADA products and merchandise. It’s built with love and passion for our nature lovers in a tank. We hope to see you soon!

Fishy Business Elements