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Super Jet Filter ES-2400 is a canister filtration system for a W180xD60xH60(cm) aquarium. For larger aquariums, please install a multiple number of ES-2400 according to the size of the aquarium tank. This product has both high pump performance, ensuring strong water current and large capacity of filtration media. It allows highly efficient purification of the aquarium water in a large size aquarium tank.

*For freshwater aquarium use only.

* A bag of Bio Rio M or Bio Rio L is included in all filtration systems of the Super Jet Filter series, except ES-150,ES-300 and the standard type ES-600. Their pebble sizes are larger than commercially available regular Bio Rio.

Filtration media /
1. ES-2400 Bio Rio L 16L (supplied in net)
2. ES-2400EX Bio Rio L 28L (supplied in net)
3. ES-2400EX2 Bio Rio L 37L (supplied in net)

Common Specification /
Flow Rate 27L/min (50Hz) ・ 31L/min (60Hz)
Maximum Pump Head 3.1m (50Hz) ・ 4.3m (60Hz)

Voltage /
AC100V 50/60Hz

Standard Accessories /
Lily Pipe P-6 (Ø17) , New Lily Pipe V-7 (Ø20)
Clear Hose Ø20 (19 / 25mm)
Clear Hose Ø17 (15 / 20mm)
Hose Band Ø20 × 2

No. Article Code Item Size Capacity
1 105-1012 ES-2400 Ø280×H555mm 24L
2 105-1015 ES-2400EX Ø280×H770mm 36L
3 105-1018 ES-2400EX2 Ø280×H990mm 48L

Post-Order Items. Duration of production / Approx. 4 to 8 Weeks


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