ADA Aquarium Cloth Holder


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ADA has just released Aquarium Cloth and Cloth Holder that are convenient for aquarium maintenance.

The ADA Aquarium Cloth is a cloth for aquarium maintenance that is carefully selected by ADA SUIKEI Creators. The lint-free material has excellent water absorption, and aquarium surfaces can be wiped clean.

The ADA Cloth Holder is a holder that is useful when carrying an Aquarium Cloth. An Aquarium Cloth can be held simply by attaching its carabiner to a belt loop and inserting the Aquarium Cloth into the cut opening on the product. Please utilize the Aquarium Cloth and Cloth Holder in combination for aquarium maintenance tasks.

Materials: Body Soft PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), Carabiner Aluminum
Size: About 100×47 (mm)


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